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2574 South Haven Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21401

La Casa was started simply by the love of two individuals and a wife's determination to provide her husband with dignity, quality of life and compassionate care through his battle with Alzheimer's. Mrs. Jan Nuscher created a safe home environment that provides a personalized approach to quality of care. I'm excited and honored that she has entrusted me with the responsibility to carry on this legacy.

We continue to focus on assisted living that specializes in Alzheimer's care. We believe that caring for this group of people demands a high level of commitment, compassion and patience. We believe in celebrating a person's past experiences and successes. Furthermore, we believe in striving for and celebrating those special moments of small successes that Alzheimer's attempts to rob from our residents and their loved ones. I have always told people the best part of my job is witnessing a true story of love, a loved one caring for their spouse or parent through the sunset of their life.

We are dedicated to continuing to provide residents with the highest standard of care. We will continue to encourage a balance of human interaction, behavioral management and interactive activities that sooth and enhance each resident's quality of life. We believe in a team approach and leading by example. We will continue to focus on supporting and maintaining a person's level of independence. We are committed to never underestimating a person's potential.

I'm honored to carry out Eugene Nuscher's legacy and care for each our resident and their family needs in their home... La Casa.