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Dementia Tips for keeping someone at home

  • Keep spaces open and tansition free (remove possible tripping hazards): Dementia can distort a person's visual perception of the environment
  • Start good habits early on reminders to reach back for arms rest to sit and stand, so it becomes an automatic habit
  • Keep directions simple, give one step at a time: Too many commands and speaking quickly will often confuse and frustrate someone
  • Remove clutter: Cluttered space can be a distraction or provide too much sensory overload
  • Easy to remove clothing: Elastic waist pants for ease with pulling up and down, so toileting is a successful experience
  • Keep a predicable routine: Structured routines will help a person maintain their independence and confidence in self ability much longer
  • Always approach a person from the side: be aware of body language, body language is often read before verbal is heard (avoid hands on hips or threatening body language that encroaching into personal space)
  • Use of baby monitor, can help give someone the piece of mind of oversight, while busy doing over household chores
  • Rest breaks and down time can often allow the brain time to restore/reset to prevent agitation or anxiety
  • Remember you always get a "do over", walk away and approach your objectives a few mintues later. Don't engage in a power struggle and use distraction to devert attention away from a potential agitator
  • Music can be very stimulating and soothing. Try to find music that has personal meaning. This is a great way to connect with a person as well 
  • Keep busy: Folding clothes, setting the table, doing puzzles or tinkering with tools or kitchen utensils provides a good distraction for someone